We are open seven days a week from 8.00am until 11.00pm.

The hire rate for the studios are £8.00 per hour. This includes PA, microphones, stands and cables. Other equipment can be hired for a small fee per session. (See prices below.)

Onsite there is ample free parking, free wifi, and we provide a small shop that supplies sticks, strings and other musical consumables. There is also a vending machine selling drinks and snacks for a fair price. If there is anything you would like to request to be supplied for a rehearsal session then please get in touch.

If you are having trouble with the booking form there is a video of how to complete it here. We accept payments both by card and through Paypal.

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Price List 2017
Room Hire £8.00 per hour
Drum Kit
(Does NOT include snare, cymbals or pedal.)
£5.00 per session
Guitar Amp Combo £5.00 per session
Guitar Cab £2.50 per session
Bass Amp Combo £5.00 per session
Room 1

Rehearsal Room 1 measures 4.5 metres by 4 metres. It can comfortably fit four musicians plus instruments and five if you don’t mind getting a bit cosy. It also benefits from air conditioning. Room 1 houses space for equipment storage that can be arranged by request with the studio manager. Tie lines and windows between the rooms also mean that it is an ideal location for demo recordings if you would like to bring your own equipment.

PA Specs

Soundcraft Spirit M8 12 Channel Desk – 8 XLR Inputs, 4 Line Inputs
Warrior Audio IS1300 Power Amp
JBL JRX 100 15″ Speakers

Room 2

Rehearsal Room 2 measures 3.3 metres by 5 metres and can comfortably fit four musicians and more if you can squeeze them in!

PA Specs

Mackie EFX 8 Channel Desk – 4 XLR Inputs, 4 Line Inputs
Yamaha P2500s Power Amp
HK Audio Premium Pro 12 10″ Speakers